Nithyananda Abhyankar,

Nithyananda Abhyankar,
Nithyananda Abhyankar
Financial Planner & Investment, Savings, Insurance Advisor
MDRT (USA) Club Qualified,
Mobile - 9371002585,
You can visit me on : Google Verified Listing

 My Professional Profile.

Experience : Stock Markets - 30 years
                      Savings & Investments - 20 years
                      Life Insurance, Mediclaim - 10 years

Portfolio :  Investments Under Advice - More than 39 Crores.
                  Life Insurance Risk cover Advised  -  More than 109 Crores
                  Pension  Present Disbursement  -  More than  6 crores
                  Pension  Future Deferred  Disbursement -   More than  18  crores   
                  More than 1690  Satisfied Clients.

The right way of financial planning is to practically listing our future financial requirements at different stages of life  and planning to save for them in suitable assets. It is a holistic process. Financial Savings and Investments have to be a quite informed PROCESS. All that requires is Your Awareness about Financial Planning , your intent  to Start.

              Of course, You essentially need a Good Financial Advisor to help you to be on the right track.

Why ME ?

 I have been a Financial Advisor having sound product knowledge of all asset classes like Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, Housing Investments as parts of the Financial Portfolio. I provide essential insights into the world of Financial Portfolio Building with 3 decades of knowledge. Though I deal in only LIC Investments, I provide insights for other assest classes without any underlying bias/ interests.

I have been an Independent and proven MDRT( Million Dollar Round Table USA, Membership) - Qualified LIC Financial Planner & Investment Advisor dealing in LIC Plans only which are guaranteed by the GOVT. of India (Sovereign Guarantee) and helping many people  to plan their financial goals.  MDRT qualification is an " International Bench Mark of Excellence " in Financial and Insurance Advisory Services Profession.  
My Professsional and Product knowledge and service qualities added with MDRT qualification helps my clients to get best of the Advice and services and thereby achieve their financial goals through informed , systematic Financial planning.

Why LIC Policies / Savings & Investments are a must for All of us ?

It is obvious that  in this Systematic Process of Financial Planning , Investments in LIC policies is a basic essential foundation for a secure life.

While investments in LIC plans are not only strong foundation of our lives but they also provide shield against risks and volatility in other asset classes, thereby  providing  guaranteed availability of funds for the purpose for which they are saved. Above all only LIC Plans come with Sovereign Guarantee ( Govt. of India Guarantee  under Section 37 of  LIC Act, 1956).

There is no One Policy plan that  fits all.
Life situations, Life Stages, Life Needs and ideas of people change from person to person.
LIC has all types of Policy plans to suit your different financial needs and investment goals:

It is very  important  to take LIC policies which suit your specific financial needs and investment goals  for  your specific Life stage events like, Children Education and Marriage, Retirement, etc.  For this you need a competent ‘ADVISOR’ who has a thorough knowledge of all plans of LIC, their suitability to different Life needs, knowledge of other asset classes to compare with and above all  “verifiable case studies of  Life Experience” and utmost honesty.

I provide the right knowledge about all LIC Plans and help you to choose the right LIC plans suitable for you according to your specific needs.

I also help you to compare other investments vis a vis LIC Plans.

Major Benefits of LIC Policy Savings & Investments:

Life Risk Cover
Continuous Compulsive Savings
Financial Provisions for guaranteed life stage events like Children Education, Marriage, Retirement etc.
Provision for Loan
Investment Growth with regular Bonus
Sovereign Gurantee for invested capital and bonus additions
Provision for assignments for credit guarantee
Tax Rebatet for premium and also Tax exemption for Maturity or Death Claim amount

You can Count on me for An Honest, Prompt and Professional Advice and Service

Nithyananda Abhyankar
Financial Planner & Investment, Savings, Insurance Advisor
MDRT (USA) Club Qualified,
Mobile - 9371002585,
You can visit me on : Google Verified Listing

Count on me for the honest advice & Professional service as Your LIC Advisor