Health Insurance: Do you need top-up and super top-up plans?
Health Insurance: Do you need top-up and super top-up plans?

Health Insurance: Do you need top-up and super top-up plans?

In these times, health insurance has become a neccesity as it guarantees that a long-term medication does not put your family in financial jeopardy. You can obtain coverage under a comprehensive health insurance plan by paying a nominal fee to the insurer. This helps safeguard your savings from the unexpected shocks of medical procedures. In this way, health insurance protects your funds and medical expenses so that you and your loved ones may keep living the good life

But occasionally, the coverage provided is insufficient for an individual, and getting a second insurance plan can be exceedingly challenging. Two new instruments, top-up insurance and super top-up insurance, have been developed under the umbrella of insurance for such individuals. Let's examine them in further depth.

What is a top up insurance plan?

A top-up health insurance plan is, as its name suggests, an option that provides additional coverage at a reduced cost, often above the existing allowed threshold. It might be viewed as a safety net that supports you if you go overboard. In a typical health insurance plan, the insurer pays the maximum that a person is covered for, but there may be circumstances in which the costs surpass this maximum, in which case a top-up plan is necessary.

Top-up health insurance policies give you extra protection over the limit of your current health insurance policy. This implies that only out-of-pocket costs beyond the base coverage limit, and only for one hospitalisation, are reimbursed by the insurance carrier.

Expenses including rent for the patient's room, doctor's fees, and others are billed when a patient is admitted to the hospital. The supplier of top-up insurance does not impose any restrictions or sub-limits on these hospitalisation costs

A look-up period of 15 to 30 days is granted by the insurance company to the insured, which implies that within those days, the policy can be cancelled without incurring any fees or penalties. On the other hand, the insurance company gives the insured a no-claim bonus, or NCB, when things are going well, such when you don't need to go to the hospital and have been healthy for at least a year.

But what if someone in your family has a condition that necessitates regular hospitalisation?

What is a super top up insurance plan

When it comes to execution, a top-up insurance policy has several limitations that may be avoided by choosing a super top-up policy. A super top-up offers coverage over the threshold limit in multiple situations, as contrast to a top-up plan, which only pays if the threshold limit on a standard insurance is exceeded on a single hospitalisation.

The super top-up coverage pays for any hospitalisation costs that exceed the predetermined threshold level. This implies that regardless of whether the invoices you submit are for a single sickness or several, the insurance provider that gave you the super top-up coverage will reimburse all of them.

After the sum of all hospitalised costs exceeds the threshold level, super top-up insurance policies provide coverage. It should be noted, nonetheless, that the cost of premium is slightly more than the amount for top-up insurance.

Until the full amount is used up, a super top-up plan remains active. This plan can be used to upgrade the assured person from the base insurance. It is also known as a health-booster policy.

Both of these claims are, more or less, subject to the same taxation and other advantages. So, choosing a plan would simply be based on what you need for your health.

Before selecting a firm to work with, it is crucial for a person to thoroughly read the terms of the health insurance policies. Learn about pre-existing conditions, coverage options, what counts as a hospitalisation and medical bill, before and after hospitalisation costs, and other relevant topics. A little work and a tiny investment in oneself would go a long way.

Date: 17/11/2022/ Source: LIVEMINT