Mr. M N Ramesh Mehendale

Entrepreneur, Construction Chemicals Specialist

Excellent advice and service provided by Mr. Nityananda Abhyankar

Mr. Shashank Athalye,


Mr. Nithyananda Abhyankar is exceptionally Customer focused and "Happy to Help". He goes out of the way to help. With sound subject knowledge, his advice on Investment is keeping in mind the Customer requirement. I strongly recommend him for the Investment Consultancy.

Mr. Vineet Bhave

IT Professional

Fine experience. Very knowledgeable person. Certainly would recommend Mr. Nityananda

Pragathi P

Software Consultant

Mr Nityananda Abhyankar has helped/is helping in giving the right suggestion. He also takes personal interest in educating the people on the new LIC plans and enroll to new policies depending on individuals benefit. His services are excellent & appreciate his consultative approach and provide appropriate LIC solutions.

Prasanna K

MTech, Structural /Civil Consultant

Mr Nityananda Abhyankar is having in-depth knowledge of all the products that LIC insurance company offers. He possess complete and accurate information about all the products. His timely guidance and advice really helped me. He explains the every part of features, pros and cons of every product and I opined that he is a best LIC advisor so far I met.

Mr. Sagar Hiwale

IT Professional

Mr. Abhiyankar is an expert who help in shaping the future financially. He is knowledgeable in the LIC products. He values the time of the customer and provides a valuable service too. He is never behind selling the product forcefully to meet his target, but he takes care if that product / insurance is of your need. Thanks for his advice. Keep rocking with the same service level.

Dr. Lakshmi Pandithar

Teacher/ Acclaimed, Bharatanatyam Artist

Very sincere and he facilitates the customers reminding about the premium well in advance so that it makes us feel comfortable to be prepared. I wish him more success and let many people get his advice which helps them to invest at the right time and right policy.

K Meghashyam Shendye

Retired Banker

Being a senior citizen last year I wanted to purchase LIC Vaya Vandana policy. I contacted Mr. Nityanand Abhyankar for guidance. He came to my place and explained full details of this scheme and also of some other schemes which may suit me. I found him to be quite thorough and meticulous in his knowledge about various LIC schemes. He himself filled the necessary form. I was quite satisfied. I think the best wishes of all his satisfied clients are behind the LIC awards he receives from time to time. I wish him all the success.

Mr. Arindam Dutta

Online Marketing Professional

I know Abhyankar sir since a long time and recently I got the privilege of achieving financial advice from him. What's best about him is that he never tries to sell LIC policies to his clients, he believes in educating them in financial planning and making prudent financial decisions in the long term. I wish him all the very best in this social work that he is doing in making his clients aware of the do's and don'ts of money management.

Mr. Nagesh R

Communciations Professional

One of the most passionate people I have met! He is a one stop shop for all your policyIC requirements. He is extremely up to date about all the products and offers a great sense of security in making your investments. I can surely vouch for the fact that he has has the best financial interest of his clients at the center of all his advices. Wish you more success sir!

Mr. Vinod Shrivastava

MTech IIT Mumbai, Professional Technical Consultant

 “It is to be believed that the mind-set of a typical Insurance agent can also be a true financial advisor.
I have met Mr Abhyankar couple of time about 10 years back thru a common friend. We discussed about financial planning till the age of life expectancy and the general customs of legacy after death. His thought process was simple, logical and convincing. Since that day, I have taken him as my family’s Financial Advisor.
Abhyankar ji does not sell Insurance policies for getting commission. Actually one purchases those plans after listening to his life logic and getting convinced for a good reason before signing the document.
I sincerely thank him to plan my and my family’s life cover and our retirement plan. I am enjoying the returns today. I feel benefitted and financially secured for life.
With best wishes to Abhyankar ji,

Mr. Raghuveera Kamath

Chartered Accountant

I knew Nityanand from a very long time. He is like friend, philosopher and guide. Very practical with good money sense. He has fantastic persuasive skills and sound knowledge when it come LIC products. I will not look beyond him when it comes to investing in insurance policies. He gives praiseworthy insights in to various products and recommends apt policies for every kind of customers. Never in a hurry to mis-sell products unlike other insurance agents. And makes sure the buying experience smooth and convenient. Maintains good relationship and supports in reminding about the oncoming premium schedules and settlement of maturity products. I highly recommend him.

Amarendra Athalye

Chartered Accountant  

Mr. Abhyankar is very Polite, Prompt and always up-to-date on all Schemes of LIC. He is ready to help even those who have had no business transacted with him. His Service Oriented Mindset is amazing. Always gives advice which is most beneficial to the customer. Its a great experience to interact with him. He has bagged many Awards from LIC in appreciation of his wonderful Service and Business Promotion. I wish him all the very best!